Our Approach

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We Offer One-on-One Personal Financial Planning to Create a Customized Action Plan for You

Our Discovery Meeting diagnoses your current financial situation and provides you with a personalized introduction to the complete array of financial and wealth management, tax preparation and planning, investment advisory, brokerage, and estate planning services that we offer.

We start by having you complete the Client Profile Questionnaire, which helps you organize and manage important financial decisions. Upon reviewing your completed questionnaire during your initial meeting, we can determine how our services will be beneficial to you.

Should you decide to use our services, we will prepare a written plan prioritizing areas of financial importance, and quantify what needs to be done for successfully accomplishing your financial goals and objectives.

What to Expect

Initial consultations have no associated costs or fees. We identify your areas of concerns, share financial planning concepts with you, and propose a financial plan to engage services.

Compensation: Fee or Commission

Financial planners can be paid in a variety of ways, and each has its merits. Choosing the appropriate method depends on your individual situation. We advocate client-focused solutions regardless of compensation or business model. Before entering into a relationship with Acorn Financial, you will have a clear understanding of how we will be compensated.

You will never be charged a fee and a commission on one account. A fee is charged for consultations, advice, financial plan preparation, or asset management on an hourly, project or percentage basis. Commissions can be charged for the sale of recommended products outside of accounts managed by our advisory services.

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