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Major Stock Market Indexes

There are a number of stock market indexes that are frequently mentioned on television and cited in financial newspapers and magazines. They measure various slices of the stock market and can be used as performance benchmarks for both investment vehicles
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Don’t Let Small Numbers Distract You From the Big Picture

Even though it’s all about dollars and cents, the financial industry runs on percentages; dollar signs are few and far between. The use of percentages is an understandable, and helpful, convention when communicating financial information. After all, a headline saying
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The Best Ways to Give a Financial Gift to Children

Here are some of the key strategies to consider when giving children and grandchildren a financial boost. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer: The right choice for your situation will depend on how much you intend to give as well as on
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Dispelling Myths About 529 Plans

Myth 1: You have to contribute to a 529 in your home state. That statement is false with regard to 529 college-savings plans, in which money is invested in a portfolio of securities on behalf of a beneficiary. Any U.S.
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8 Threats to Portfolio Performance

The last decade has been a challenge for many investors, especially those investing for the long-term and retirement. Given declines in global stock markets, many investors have seen little to no real growth in their portfolios over this period. For
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