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Rimas Cikotas
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What is your favorite quote and why? I love Warren Buffet’s quote, “Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago” because it perfectly articulates the value of thinking ahead and planning for the future.

What is your most treasured memory? Being in Berlin the day after the Wall came down. I borrowed a hammer and chisel from someone and pounded that chisel as hard as I could into the reinforced concrete wall until I had blisters. It was incredible to experience the sweet pain of freedom and an end to oppression for so many.

Where is your happy place? To me, spending quality time at home with family is the secret to a happy life. I truly value days at home with my wife and children. I believe having the opportunity to help your children with their homework is a gift not to be taken for granted.

What does true leadership mean to you?
Leading by example from the trenches, not on a high horse or in a high castle. True leaders lead with dignity and earn their team’s respect.

There isn’t anything a positive attitude can’t fix.

In another life, I would probably be a forest ranger.

The best part of working for Acorn is the team, the leadership, and the client-first philosophy. When you do great things for others, great things happen all around.

Full Bio

Rimas has spent decades in the elite talent industry as a top headhunter, executive search professional, and career coach. He is passionate about helping others leverage their talents to reach their full career potential and to leverage their financial resources to most effectively meet their life-long financial goals.

He has vast experience in early-stage venture capital transactions, mergers & acquisitions, company roll-ups, secondary market deal-making, private placement offerings, and working with startups.