Mark Herman

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Mark Herman
Portfolio Manager, Head Trader

Where is your happy place? On the water with a fish on the line.

How do you define success? Having a passion for what one does and using that passion to lift others around you.

My all-time role-model is Freddie Solomon because he taught me if you want something, you have to go earn it.

My friends always make fun of me for my wooden 3 wood.

In another life, I would probably be a blacksmith so I could forge my own tools.

Full Bio

Mark comes to Acorn Financial Services with over 25 years of experience in the investment industry. He spent nine years at TAMRO Capital Partners, a Registered Investment Advisor in Alexandria, Virginia, as Head Trader, Partner and Investment Committee member overseeing $2.4 billion dollars in assets for individuals, corporations, pension plans and institutional clients. He has built equity institutional trading desks for both buy and sell-side firms focused on executing transactions for hedge funds and large investment management firms. Mark also played an instrumental role in the development of dark pool aggregating trading algorithms while at Knight Capital Markets. His prior experience includes trading equity and foreign exchange derivatives at O’Connor/Swiss Bank Corporation and Banque Nationale de Paris.

Mark takes pride in helping individuals and families across the country with their investment and retirement plans and goals.

Mark holds a Bachelor of Science in economics from the University of South Florida and a Master’s in Finance from Colorado State University. He was born and raised in Tampa, Florida, and currently lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife Carina. He spends his free time playing tennis, golf, fishing and cooking.

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