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If you could spend the day with anyone, who would it be and what would you like to learn? Joe Gibbs. As head coach of the Washington Redskins he won 3 Super Bowls before promptly retiring from football and making the pivot to NASCAR racing as a multi-team owner where he has continued to win championships and be amazingly successful. He’s stated that you “win with people” and I would like to learn how he is able to surround himself with the right people to be so successful in career and life.

In another life, I would probably be a farmer. My family and neighbors all had farms where I grew up and it was the first work I ever knew. I enjoyed it as much as anything I’ve ever done.

One day, I would really like to get involved with one of the several organizations that work with seniors to help them fulfill their “bucket list” – whether they are terminally ill or just never had the means to do something they really wanted to do. So many people have sacrificed their dreams for their family or other reasons and eventually time and life runs short. I’d like the opportunity to help this group of people.

The best book I have ever read is “The Count of Monte Cristo.” Although I’ve always been a Tolkien fan, Dumas’ work was the first book I couldn’t put down until it was finished.

What is something others may be surprised to learn about you? I was a high school basketball coach in my spare time for several years while my son was of middle-school and high school age. I also coached little league through high school baseball during this time as well.

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