Cindy Flores

Phone (703) 293-3100
Cindy Flores
Client Service Associate
(703) 293-3100

My friends always make fun of me for drinking my coffee with a straw and eating pizza with a knife and a fork.

One day, I would really like to go on The Ellen Show!

For what in life do you feel most grateful? My parents. They have shown me the true meaning of unconditional love and I am forever grateful for all of their support and sacrifices. One day, I hope to give them the world.

In another life, I would probably be a Dancer

Where is your next adventure? Thailand with my best friends.

Full Bio

Cindy joined the Acorn team with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a minor degree in Information Technology from George Mason University.

Cindy is a valuable member of the Acorn team who helps our senior financial planners with all aspects of conducting client meetings. She prepares and updates financial plans, generates reports, works with clients to obtain necessary information to ensure it is accurately recorded in the firm’s database, records meeting notes, and helps with all follow-up actions that are required to ensure a smooth client experience.

Cindy was born and raised with twin sisters in Northern Virginia. When not at work she likes to bake delicious treats and offset those sweets by a good workout at the gym. She enjoys social time with her friends, particularly over a friendly game of soccer or dodgeball.

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